Alternative Wedding Photography

What is “Alternative Wedding Photography?”

Ok, let’s face it, wedding photography can be boring as fuck.

We’ve all been there, standing around wedding venues with empty champagne glasses while some bossy photographer is shouting ‘smile’ or ‘cheese’ at rows of people.

If you’re engaged and planning a wedding you’ve probably been looking at wedding photography online for quite a while. You may now be considering either not having a photographer or just letting your friend with a camera take all the photos, but you know you’ll regret that.

But fear not, you’ve found a photographer to share in your fun and excitement, not make you feel awkward and capture the real and true moments of your amazing day without making you feel and look like dicks.

But if what you’re planning is going to be more of a party than a wedding and you want to be left with a set of candid, often hilarious, photos of all your favorite people enjoying yourselves then I’m the right person for the job.

“So why do we need this at our wedding?”

More ‘traditional’ or old-school photographers like people to be in neat rows and will deliver an album 6 months later. 75% of the photos will be of you and all your favourite guests will be missing.

Your guests have travelled from around the globe. They’ve all bought new outfits and made a real effort. Your uni friends have bought a tie, your aunty has lost some weight and everyone is looking dapper. People have paid for hotel rooms and gifts and taken time off work and then the photographer ignores them???!?

Not with me. I can promise that you won’t be the most important people on your wedding day. For me it’s about your guests, making the best people you know feel special, capturing flattering portraits as well as stalking them for candid moments.

Of course you’ll be the centre of attention at the key moments. Everyone will be watching you in the ceremony and the speeches. Everyone. Although having a photographer who makes you feel comfortable at these times is important.

Having an excuse to escape your guests and have a few moments alone on your wedding day is vital. “Bugger off you ugly lot” can upset people, but a photographer is a perfect excuse.

Alternative Wedding Photographers Cardiff
Alternative Wedding Photographers Cardiff

No Pressure to perform

My greatest attribute, I can’t call it a skill, is making people relax and feel comfortable. Wedding photography is 99% psychology and 1% pressing a button, and I’ve learnt when (and when not) to press that button. There’s no pressure from me to perform for photos. If the psychology isn’t right, we’ll laugh at a joke instead, usually at my expense.

For me a portrait is about an emotional connection with that moment. If you look back on any portrait you have of yourself you will be able to recall the exact emotion at that moment.

So I don’t photograph awkward or unwanted moments. You can just use me as an excuse for some time out from the intenseness that is your own wedding and have some time alone.

Not one of my previous clients has admitted to me that they like having their photo taken. Most tell me how much they hate it when we first meet, although by the end of the wedding day we’re like best pals and it’s all selfies and jumping at flashes. It might be the alcohol, but I like to think it’s my warm and bubbly personality.

What all my clients have in common is a similar attitude towards marriage and their wedding day (read more about that here), a love of great photography and a circle of great family and friends around them.

Non-traditional Wedding Photography

Over the years I’ve seen a rise in the number of humanist and non traditional wedding ceremonies. I openly admit that churches make me feel uncomfortable and I’ll only go to them if there’s a promise of a great party afterwards.

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Photography to me is just a passport to get me out meeting people. My favourite people are those in love. People who surround themselves with people who are part of the celebration of that love.

The 13th March 2014 was a historic day for the UK. It was when people could marry the person they loved, regardless of their gender. Since that date I’ve had the opportunity to photograph many LGBT weddings. I’ve been all over the UK and most of them are still at the top of my list of most fun weddings.

Alternative Same Sex Wedding Photographer South Wales
Eve and Liz avoiding cliche with their unique styles.

Quirky Wedding Photography

I’m always up for a laugh and willing to try anything you might have in mind. Whether it’s llama riding or a trip to Iceland you can count on me to capture the fun and craziness of your wedding. Together we’re guaranteed to provide you with the best quality photography to enjoy forever.

Of course sensible photos you can give to Gran for christmas will be part of your set. But don’t you want to look back on your day and know that everyone had the best time?

South Wales Wedding Photographers Same Sex Alternative Wedding Newport
Yanna & Kate’s Iceland Adventure ended with great photos

This is how I roll!

Owen Mathias Photography
South Wales Wedding Photographers
South Wales Wedding Photographers
South Wales Wedding Photographers
Alex’s Idea 😀
Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure
South Wales Wedding Photographer - NIKON D5 85.0 mm f-1.4ISO 200 1-125 sec at f - 5.6
South Wales Wedding Photographer
South Wales Alternative Wedding Photographers
South Wales Alternative Wedding Photographers
Owen Mathias Photography
Owen Mathias Photography
Owen Mathias Photography
Owen Mathias Photography
Owen Mathias Photography
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