Laura & Steve – Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer

I know straight away when I meet a couple and we’re going to work well together. Laura and Steve are a close partnership with two beautiful daughters and were planning their wedding at Miskin Manor around their family and friends.

“We wanted the photos to be a collection of the events of the day, to tell the story of the wedding with no words needed”

Although I knew Steve from years ago, it was only after their engagement that I met Laura and straight away we hit it off.

“We wanted a relaxed photographer, someone we felt comfortable with and who we could, most importantly trust with capturing our day. Not just us two, but our whole family.”

When Laura said to me that “We really don’t want to spend most of our day stood, being bossed around, posing for photos” then I knew we could work together.

“Steve knew Owen, I didn’t really. Immediately I felt at ease when I met Owen properly to discuss the wedding. I didn’t feel nervous or like i was being interrogated as to what we wanted, it was a casual chat over a coffee… or two!!” – Laura

My mum had shown me some beautiful photos of a wedding after we booked our wedding date. She said ‘you have to get this photographer, the photos are incredible!’ Unknown to me, that photographer was Owen. His photos answered all my questions themselves!” – Laura


Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer
“When we were planning our Wedding, Owen was vey much on board and involved with the goings on, he made sure he knew exactly what was happening, where and when during the day. He even knew things that were happening that were a surprise to us!”Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer
“My (Laura) biggest fear was having this ogre of a photographer that made me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I knew straight away Owen was the man for the job from our first meeting. I felt so at ease, it wasn’t awkward in any way.”Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer“We were most impressed with the fact we hardly noticed Owen and his colleague were there! Whilst looking through our photos we were both saying we didnt even see them taking some!!”Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer“Owen captured everything about the day, even the little things I didnt even think about. He made sure he was in all the right places, capturing the right things! I think he ensured every detail was photographed to give us the best photos/memories.”Miskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding Photographer“When I first saw the photos I cried. We said constantly ‘ooh look at this one, look at that one’. We laughed. I cried some more!!”- Laura Miskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding PhotographerMiskin Manor Wedding Photographer
“Owen is THE best wedding photographer. It is so simple to just see by the images he produces. But, he is more than just a photographer, he actually cares about how you feel, he cares about the photos he takes. He gets every little detail from you about what you do and dont want, he listens, takes it all on board and produces photographs that are more amazing than you ever thought they could be. He is so relaxed, and even gets you a cuppa!! Owen can produce a story with photos, no words needed. “

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