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Whether you’re trying to get the attention of a casting agent, future employer or delegates at an event you’ve been invited to speak at it’s vital you get your headshot right.

The right photo isn’t made by the right camera, lens or lighting - it has much more about the photographer and their ability to capture a true expression and help you make a connection through your photograph.

A good headshot is 95% psychology and 5% all the other stuff.

Over the past decade, Owen Mathias has developed a reputation for his ability to make people relax and producing reliably impactful results.

Portraits & Personal Branding

Social media and online presence now expects you to deliver your message personally and consistently through high quality visuals that amplify your message to your followers. Personal branding is more than a long photo session, it’s developing a relationship with someone who can assist you in everything from strategy, message and voice through to the finished visuals.

All personal branding sessions will start with an initial consultation or strategy meeting where you’ll work with Owen to articulate your mission and goals and develop a set of objectives that you will work to meet through visual media alongside your social messages and engagement.

Most photography sessions will be on multiple locations and also include photography of objects and actions that reflect the brand message that you’re communicating and assisting in the social engagement with your audience.

Video Portraits

Some things are too big to be confined to a photo. Video allows stories to be told, characters to be developed and messages to be delivered in new ways. For businesses they're the best way for clients to get to know you, for individuals they're the best way to remind family and friends of your stories and the times you had together.

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