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It’s a huge source of anxiety before and during a wedding; ‘will our photos be ok and can we trust our photographer?’ On the surface it can seen expensive to commission a professional to do a days work. It seems far cheaper to ask a favour of a mate or find a cheap amateur with a day job who’ll “take some snaps”. But the reassurance that you’ll have knowing you’ll receive perfect and treasured photos for the rest of your life is priceless. Behind the scenes a professional full time photographer will be fully insured (up to £5m), have serviced and calibrated top level equipment. There’ll be many years of experience taking photos in any environment and hundreds of happy clients that they’ve served in the past. By choosing a professional over an amateur you’re not funding their holiday or flash sports car you’ll be help them pay their mortgage, feed their kids and save for a pension. And I can guarantee they’ll do a better job for you when it’s their job and their motivation is serving you. Professionals have more to lose and have put more on the line to be able to deliver the highest quality for you. If things do go wrong they’ll work harder to put things right for you as this is their livelihood. You can then relax before and during your wedding day knowing you’re in good hands and you’re investing in someone’s core income and life. #professionalweddingphotos #bookapro #weddingphotos #weddingplanning #weddongideas #weddinginspiration #weddingday #brideandgroom #winterwedding #2020wedding #2020bride #priodas #pbxp #ocf #offcameraflash #flashgels #nighttimephotography #fonmoncastle #happycouple #lushpeople #perfectwedding #valeofglamorgan #southwalesweddingphotographers