Nat & Ben’s Slideshow from their DeCourceys Manor Wedding

Natalie and Ben got married in December in Byron Bay, Australia where they had all day sunshine, heat and an outdoor ceremony. Later in January they came to Wales, where Nat was born and brought up, to repeat the party with their welsh family and friends.

Initially, when I booked their wedding, I was expecting the ceremony to be just going through the motions, without emotion, and the rest of the day to feel just like a family get together, although quite the opposite happened. In the morning, when I arrived at Natalie’s parents’ house there was an atmosphere as nervous and electric as any wedding I have been to. During the ceremony the level of emotion was way above average and they threw themselves into the party and celebration with more energy and gusto than most people do on their first time around.

Winter weddings rock! Although we were inside for most of the day, due to the cold temperature and constant rain, the venue was full of an incredible atmosphere, which I hope is captured in these images.

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