Cardiff Life Magazine Photography

Over the past few months I have been developing my commercial portfolio and working closely with Cardiff Life magazine.

It has taken me to some of the best and strangest events that have been going on in the city over the summer and I’ve got to meet some absolutely amazing and inspiring people.

In this edition there is an interview with me in the ‘Cardiff Lives’ section. Possibly one of the strangest experiences of my life has been strangers, usually typically of the Cardiff Life demographic, recognising me. Maybe for all the wrong reasons. I have never done anything like this before in my life, but it has given me a taste of how Brother Beyond must have felt when they were interviewed by Look-in! magazine in 1987. What was my most embarrasing moment? How do I relax? If you’v ever wondered these things about me then you can keep your eye open for the latest issue kicking about town.

Alternatively, you can view it online here!

Here’s a few photos that I have taken that have been featured in the magazine recently:

Cardiff Life Photography Cardiff Life Photography Cardiff Life Photography Cardiff Life Photography