Shotgun Wedding Photography Offer

I’m here to capture your whirlwind romance in all its spontaneous glory. So buckle up, lovebirds, because we’re about to embark on an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Terms and Conditions:

*This offer is exclusively for couples with wedding dates within the next 90 days. We’re all about capturing the magic of those near-date nuptials, where love knows no bounds and planning goes into hyperdrive.

*A talented and experienced photographer will be there to document the essential moments of your special day, providing 2 to 3 hours of coverage. From the ceremony to the cake cutting (and everything in between), you’ll have it covered!

*We believe that memories should be as fresh as a bouquet of flowers, which is why we promise next day delivery of 150 beautifully edited photos. Relive the magic while it’s still warm!

*The “Shotgun Wedding Photography Offer” is priced at a wallet-friendly £500. We know weddings can get pricey, so we’re here to make your budget woes take a backseat while we capture the pure bliss of your union.

*Availability is key, my friends! This offer is subject to the availability of your talented photographer on your wedding date. They’re highly sought after, so make sure to book early to secure your spot in our wedding photography frenzy!

*While we’re all about speed, editing takes a bit of time. The consecutive editing day is also subject to availability. We promise to work our magic as swiftly as possible, but please bear with us if we’re juggling multiple love stories at once.

*Just a gentle reminder that all bookings require upfront payment. We want to ensure your commitment is as strong as your love for each other.

*Your photographer is here to make your wedding photography experience a blast, but we kindly request that you don’t shoot us with actual shotguns. Metaphorical shotgun blasts of excitement and joy are absolutely encouraged!

*By choosing the “Shotgun Wedding Photography Offer,” you agree to let us share some of your stunning shots on our website and social media platforms. Your love story will inspire others to embrace the wild side of romance!

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