It’s not often that I get to take my camera out ‘just for fun’ anymore, I don’t find the time. But last night I was invited along to see FJORDS play with In The Firing Line, Samoan, Cut Ribbons & Freeze the Atlantic – an awesome 5 band line-up! – at Newport’s 200 club. The venue was standard; beer served in cans, sticky floor and toilets you hold your breath in yet there was something quite special about this venue. It might have been the plastic sheeting that was taped to the ceiling above the stage, but more than one local described the place to me as “the new TJs, innit” and I think that there’s something in that.

Anyway, took some photos, here are a few choices that I’ve come in on a warm evening to select.

In the firing line




Cut Ribbons

Freeze the atlantic