I’ve got the boy home from school work me today. It’s nice to have some company.

He had tummy ache through the night but seems better now. He’s just eaten a jam sandwich, 2 bags of crisps, a packet of fruit pastels and a whole packet of jammie dodgers.

Emily brown dog is also very ill. She’s been leaving us presents around the house for the past few nights, which is unlike her. She’s booked into the vet later this afternoon.

I have been ill for over a week now, but starting to feel better. Getting too and from London the weekend was a challenge, so was organising group shots with no voice and burning throat, but I think I pulled it off.

The photos look great. I spent this morning putting together a slideshow of the images from the photobooth, and this afternoon the boy and I are watching Nirvana Unplugged together. It’s nice to just take some time out.

Back to normal tomorrow, hopefully!